Kitten Contract and Care Instructions

Shots and diagnostics:

Your kitten has had its first shots. These first immunizations include:


Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis


Your kitten needs a total of three rounds for complete immunization usually spaced three weeks apart.

Your kitten has tested negative for:

Feline Leukemia

Fecal diagnostic for parasites

Your veterinarian will offer a rabies vaccine at his/her recommended age. It is usually suggested by 5lbs or over six moths for the Sphynx breed.


Kittens have been fed both brands of Purina Kitten Chow Nurture dry cat food and Meow Mix Kitten Nibbles dry cat food. Dry food and water is always available to them. They also are fed canned 9 Lives Pate favorites daily.  There are many breeders who feed their Sphynx cats raw food diet, in my research I have not seen the benefits to this diet. As an adult cat please look into high protein cat foods as these kitty’s have a higher metabolism and require it. We use regular clumping liter of many brands.


Cats are cute in clothes and can wear them when you are home. Be careful leaving your kitten unattended with clothes on for a strangulation hazard.

We suggest keeping your cat/ kitten as an indoor pet. Your cat/ kitten is sensitive to sun and its skin can easily burn. Neighbors may not be familiar to the breed and exterminate your cat/ kitten from fear or misidentifying your sphynx.

It is understood that the degree of hairlessness on sphynx vary from cat to cat and that no feline is completely hairless. Fur on tail, feet and faces are common, furthermore it is understood that hormones and genetics play an important role and hairlessness and that even though a sphynx skin may be almost hairless when it is sold, it is possible said kitten could develop some hair after being spayed/neutered or as they grow older. Reasons include but not limited to weather and climate and/or hormones changes can have a bearing on growth.

The cat/kitten WILL NOT be declawed, declawing is an inhumane mutilation, it consists of the amputation of the first knuckle. (We have used very inexpensive "soft paws" nail caps around expensive furniture. Very easily applied and last week’s/month)

Bathing and nail/ear/eye care:

The Sphynx has no hair to absorb natural oils secreted from their skin. They sometimes require bathing or a wipe down with a damp cloth. If not, they will build up a layer of brown oil on their coat that will transfer to furniture/carpet/sheets and when petting. Your kitten is used to being bathed. Make sure you test the temperature of water and finish running water before they enter the area to be bathed. The ears and nails have to most oil build up. You can retract the nail and simply rub to remove from claws. The ears require any cat ear cleaner and a decent amount of q-tips/cotton swabs. Be careful around the ear drum. A simple wipe of the eyes for “tears” which is very common and doesn’t indicate sickness. Lacking eyelashes/hair makes the oils go into their eyes. This being said, I’ve noticed that the less bathing the less oil! Kind of like removing the oil too often makes the skin over produce.


Buyer agrees to have Supreme Sphynx kitten spayed or neutered by 5lbs or 6 months of age whichever comes first at buyers’ expense. If cat/ kitten has not spayed/neutered by 6 months of age the seller will be in breach of contract. Supreme Sphynx does not give permission to breed said cat/ kitten. An additional $1000.00 will be owed to Supreme Sphynx and any bred offspring will be delivered to the breeder as the breeder’s sole property.

Males unfixed spray! Males can also get aggressive and agitated. Prevent this behavior from happening.
Females unfixed can develop a serious condition called Pyometria (sphynx are very prone) This condition is fatal. Females also spray.

For any reason other than the animal's health you cannot retain ownership of the cat/kitten Supreme Sphynx will be given the right of first refusal as surrender.

No kitten/ cat from this cattery may be sold privately, given to an animal shelter, sold or given to a pet store, abandon, given or sold to a laboratory for experimental purposes.


This kitten is to be of sound health upon arrival. It must be that checked within 72 hours or contract will be in breach. It is recommended that a new cat be kept in quarantine during this time. If it is found medically deficient with an untreatable or life threatening illness buyer must notify the seller immediately by email from the examining veterinarian. Upon its return it will be replaced with another kitten.  If one is not available, the buyer will be placed first on waiting list for next litter.  Seller is not responsible for any vet bills incurred once cat/kitten is in buyer’s possession. Upon its arrival buyer needs to take the said cat/ kitten to be checked by their qualified licensed veterinarian within three days or contract will be in breach.

Breeding cats are scanned for HCM. However, HCM can show at any age and is not always genetic.  The hairless breed like many breeds is known to have heart issues and you must be aware and agree to the special needs of this unique breed. Your kitten has a one year guarantee for genetic HCM. Kitten replacement only if necropsy has been performed and a certificate from your vet is provided as proof of the cause of death.